folded sheetsSo, how do you recycle your sheets?  Do you think it’s worth it to take the time to re-purpose them?  Or, would you rather just toss them?

I donate mine to the local animal shelter. 

But, I’ve also made a casing and filled it with cut scraps for a rather large dog my parents have.  And, a while back I took an old blanket,  cut it into 4 equally sized pieces, seamed the edges and then sewed it with a plus shape in the middle (looked like this: +) and gave it to my cat for her to sleep on.  She loves it because she can “make biscuits” and knead the external portions of the stacked blanket pieces to her heart’s content, but the center always stays perfectly in place. 

I’ve also heard of therapists who are crafty, recycling them into covers for heated corn/rice/cherry pit/flax sacks they put under clients’ necks.

What about donating to a local neighborhood children’s afterschool program?  Maybe they could use the sheets for patterns or projects.

Or, you could return them to the company you purchased them from.

As many of you know, I recently wrote a review after trying out a few Green Earth Massage Sheets sheet sets  (isn’t that a mouthful?!)  and this just crossed through my 
e-mail today:

GEMS Recycling & Sheet Exchange Program

Beginning in summer 2012, you may return your worn out and retired GEMS sheets to us and we will discount the same number of new sheets on your next order by 12%.  GEMS will be repurposing the old linens by sterilizing, shredding, and using the old microfiber materials for new “Cushy Cone” massage bolster stuffing! GEMS will accept these exchanges after a minimum of one year of use, and will even accept other brands of massage sheets if they are 100% polyester microfiber. No cotton or flannels will be accepted. Watch for our new GEMS Cushy Cone massage bolsters available for purchase next year on our website! Please call or email to inquire about how to participate. (510) 334-7100 and

And, it goes without saying… No matter how you choose to re-purpose your sheets, always wash them before recycling.

As a side note: I found this useful article quite by accident.  It looks useful if are wanting to donate and recycle in the New York City area.  How to Recycle & Donate Everything You Own


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  1. Hillary says:

    I also donate to an animal shelter! Operation kindness takes them and uses them for bedding and what ever else they need them for. Usually they prefer the flat sheets because the animals tear out the elastic in the fitted ones. Great blog!

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