So, now you’ve been building and tweaking your Pandora Station and need to find your “Like” list.

Another simple thing, with extra benefits, once you know what you are doing.

You can do the following with your own station or take a sample station which is very eclectic and has a wide variety of music on it as your tester.  I suggest you share pueppi’s Radio – KBAT. It’s a good one to learn on.

  • First, Left Clickon “Options” in your main station menu box.
      • You’ll see it as a little half-box on the right, under the station’s name. 


  • Next, Left Clickon “Station Details” in the pop up box that appears.
      • This box will open up a new information window while your station continues to play in the background. 


    • When you finish with the box, you can scroll back up and look to the left.  Find “Now Playing” and click on it.  This will take you back to your playing station.

In pueppi’s Radio – KBAT station, you’ll see there is a creation date and an edited area which I call Section 1.  It describes the station. Once a station becomes yours (there is no need to share a station for this tutorial, but you may wish to try it out in the future by adding someone else’s station to your private list of stations), you can edit this section as you wish.

Continue to scroll down and you see:

Section 2 – Artist Seeds

Section 3 – Track Seeds

Section 4 – Thumbed-up Tracks

Section 5 – Thumbed-down Tracks

Below each of these sections there is a little box at the bottom which will allow you to “Show More” (previously it was “Show All” and you could see everything — now you can only see a few more and have to keep clicking in order to see them all.  I suggest you complain to the Pandora support staff  if you want this feature changed back to the much easier and useful way it was before.). 

There should also be small “x’s to the right of your songs/tracks, so that you can remove them if you don’t want them in a particular section anymore.  If they are missing, come back tomorrow and they will probably be there.

You can find the detailed FAQ page for this at How do I edit a station? on the Pandora site.

If you don’t already know how to make a shared station your own, and want to test this with the station you are working with right now, below is a simple explanation.


Q: How Do I Make Your Station My Own?

All you need to do is like/dislike a song.

If I failed to mention it, Pandora is sneaky, and for the longest time it has a tendency to drop songs into your stations, which make no sense regarding your preferences. My best guess, is that they are picking from songs across the entirety of your station collections (the ones you have built). What I have noticed is after about 8 months, you’ll start to say “Wow, I like that too!” for a good portion of the songs that arrive in your play-list. After about a year of consistent tweaking, liking, disliking and putting things on the shelf (do this often) your station will stabilize. If you don’t put songs on the shelf, your station will grow very, very slowly.

For more specifics, I suggest you read through the Pandora FAQ’s.

=.= Updated: 10/24/11 =.=



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